Final cover with preliminary sketch below.

Memoir about a family split apart in the two Germanys after the building of the Berlin wall.

In this memoir the author writes about her relationship with her brother. They were very close when they were younger but she has lost contact with him. He was a well known filmmaker who, with no explanation, had walked away from his career and family. I had to rework the original image to make the right hand seat vacated.

This is the second cover I have done in the Futur proche series for Lux Éditeur.

This one was a fun one to work on and I think it is my record for separate stock images used to create one final image. The inspiration for this one came from vintage wall advertising, like the one below. I happened upon it on Boulevard St. Laurent in Montreal.

Here are the component images.

Cover with preliminary sketch below.

Couldn’t resist. Spring catalogue on bottom and the fall one on top.

Final with preliminary sketches below.

This is the final cover on this one. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that reptile skin figures in the plot. I wanted to find a way  of showing that without resorting to photography. My initial idea was to cut out a scale pattern to form the letters. Perhaps it was the bright primary colours but it had a “lego” quality at thumbnail size that was sending the wrong message. I opted for a graphic pattern for the full cover with the type superimposed.

56 Signal poetry covers and counting. Edited by the incomparable Carmine Starnino and published  by Véhicule Press. Here they are in order.

Final cover with preliminary sketch below. Conscious of the fact that there are so many covers featuring birds, including more than a few of mine, I wanted to find a way of showing it without showing it.

Final cover for this novel with preliminary sketches below. Sigismund Skrik is a hairdresser on a clipper ship sailing between Hamburg and New York.