Final cover on this one with runner-up below.

This is a novel about two female filmmakers who live together in a Montréal duplex. One has found acclaim - the other not.

2nd book in this series.

Turkish translation of German novel Ein Regenschirm für deisen Tag (An Umbrella for That Day). The english translation was titled The Shoe Tester of Franfurt.

2 volume set. Ethnobotany and Indigenous peoples of North America.

Illustration for Travel + Leisure magazine about our mania for taking photographs and documenting every detail of our lives. The one in the yellow box is a first draft with the final in the actual layout below.

This was a fun project to work on. A logo for a motorcycle tour company that visits important places in American history - time travel on motorcycles.

Final on this one with preliminary sketch below.

Final cover above with preliminary sketch below.

Another one for the Salon des refusés. This was a tough one. I wanted to illustrate succeeding without seemingly even trying? Even though the Art Director went to bat for it, it was still deemed too obtuse and they went in another direction in the end.

The boot won out in the end but the sock was my first shot at it.